Join Bethany Moore in our next steps Lino Printing workshop

Lino printing is a form of relief printing, which means that areas are carved away from the surface using a tool and the ink is rolled on to the raised area that remains. Paper or fabric is applied then pressed, or burnished, and the raised area of your design creates the print. It derives from woodblock printing which was used in the Far East for the practical application of textile printing and for printing artwork onto paper. Today the skills of block printing are still in use. Open to all levels, age 16+.


Wednesday 31st July

6.00 – 9.00pm

Saturday 17th August

10.30 – 1.30pm


£36 per person


Max 6 people

This workshop is Age 16+

What you will do

During our 3 hour follow on workshop to Intro to Lino Printing you will learn further advanced cutting techniques and how to use more than one colour in your printing.

Bethany will help guide you with your design and feel free to bring along some inspiration and ideas.

Our workshop is suitable for beginners who have completed our Intro to Lino Printing workshop or if you have some experience in lino cutting
Age 16+ due to the nature of sharp tools being used.

Your Teacher

Bethany Moore is an artist, illustrator and printmaker who is passionate about drawing
and loves to teach. She enjoys drawing, printing and painting all subjects, but particularly
loves to focus on the special relationship we have with our pets and animals. Working
from her garden studio in the Isle Of Wight she creates bespoke artwork, gifts and
commissioned portraits using a variety of styles and mediums. Bethany also travels to
teach workshops across the UK and has worked with the W.I., ‘Help For Heroes’ and
various private clients to pass on that passion and inspire people with new and classic
sketching ideas.

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Book your space today

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