Clean Beauty – a quick guide

No one is immune from hearing the latest buzzwords of green beauty, sustainable fashion, and eco-friendly  products and I have definitely been listening when it comes to sourcing new products for my Isle of Wight Shop. While we consider energy usage and recycling when it comes to trying to do our bit for the environment, it is easier than ever to look at the eco-credentials of the products you choose for your beauty regime. Read on to discover why green beauty should be a welcome addition to your daily life essentials and how we can help you make the switch at Whistle and Hound.


Made with all natural ingredients, products such as body lotions, washes, creams and make-up can claim the crown of being part of a clean beauty revolution. Many advocates of green beauty go one step further and aim to use products that have nothing but sustainable and renewable ingredients. Being paraben and chemical free and often made with organics and plant based botanicals, these beauty products aim to be as natural and environmentally friendly as possible.

While the green beauty market used to be relatively small, environmentally conscious consumers have pushed it to the mainstream. People are searching for high-quality natural products to mesh with their green lifestyle. We have added a whole new clean beauty section in the shop, with organic, vegan and vegetarian products for all the family from some of the UK’s best and newest brands.

Skin and body care is the major branch of beauty that has welcomed clean beauty with open arms. Body lotions that incorporate plant based bio ingredients or essential oils such can be kinder to sensitive skin and work just as well, if not better, than their sulphate laden equivalents. Hand creams and body butters also embrace beautifully scented natural ingredients with their holistic benefits. Baby and new mother products which are chemical free are ideal for fragile skins and brands now offer collections for different skin types, ages and genders.

green people baby2


Many people might still feel that clean beauty as a fad but perceptions are rapidly changing. The clean eating revolution has taught us that what you put in your body can affect your energy, vitality and immunity. Our skin is a living organ and absorbs what we put on it so thankfully it is easier than ever to switch to products which are naturally better aligned to our needs.

Doing your bit for the environment will always be massively important. By choosing a green beauty product, you can feel safe in the knowledge that it does not contain any potentially harmful ingredients like carcinogens or parabens, or micro plastics which find their way back into our environment. Going green doesn’t mean foregoing luxury beauty products or make-up. Some of the most effective and exquisite products are clean and green and we have curated a collection of award-winning brands for you to explore.

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When considering the ethics and quality of a natural beauty product, you should look for a product that is paraben-free, chemical fragrance and SLS free. It should contain as much organic material as possible and should always be certified safe. Cruelty-free and vegan labelling means no animals have been harmed or their byproducts used both in the ingredients, testing and making of your products. Essentially, you are looking for natural beauty products that do not harm the planet and are pollutant-free, leaving skin as healthy and natural as possible.

Organic Cleaning

The green beauty movement shows no sign of abating, and for good reason, so with our refresh of the shop you now have the chance to switch from your chemical laden products and join the revolution. Some of our new collections are on our online shop HERE and you will be able to visit the shop when we open on Monday 15th June at 10am.





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